Butterfly Project High Tea

I went to Butterfly Project’s high tea session like 2 weeks ago. I remember thinking “ah I have plenty of time to blog about this before Christmas” haha but wtf, I’ve been and still am crazy busy with so many things to do, writing about this is like a procrastination activity.

Butterfly high tea

It was in ShowCase, Plaza Kelana Jaya, facing a lake. I had no idea that place even existed. :p Thankfully, it’s right off LDP so it didn’t give me much chance to get lost. But ShowCase was rather hidden, since the carpark, well, wasn’t facing a lake, and I couldn’t see it from there wtf, so I went to ask the security people.

I only brought my iPhone 4, so I don’t really have pictures, and am gonna ‘steal’ some from their Facebook hehehe.

Butterfly Project High Tea ShowCase Etude House
The door gifts. DID YOU SEE THE BOOKS?! I was pleasantly surprised to see that they included books as part of the door gift, SO NICE! I took Peter Pan, that’s like my all-time favourite. And I was so excited to see Etude House hahaha I was thinking that I needed some new make up. Turns out it is a green tea cleansing foam hahaha, it smells really nice I like it. My current Neutrogena one doesn’t really smell nice.

Butterfly Project high tea Ask Joey
The super sweet and pink display table by Ask Joey. Love the pink jam jars (strawberry?) and pink lemonade! So pretty. And I know where that LOVE sign thing is from!

Butterfly Project high tea Ask Joey
And look! Freaking ombré cake! (I don’t know about you, but now the word ombre just reminds me of hombre hahaha.)

butterfly project high tea
My meal. I actually wanted to take one of everything from the table (because I was hungry!) but then the plate was too small wtf. And the curry puff was good but realllyyy spicy wtf.

butterfly project high tea
Coffee for high tea hahaha. Most of them had tea, I think I was the only weirdo at my table drinking coffee.

butterfly project high tea 123cheese
Photobooth from 123cheese.my . I really really like this kind of photobooth photos hahaha if I’m making sense. But the pictures are so small for group pictures. Also, they really do say “1, 2, 3, cheeeseee!” before taking a photo hahaha.

Wanted to sneak a selfie during the Serverfreak talk but accidentally looked up (out of politeness) hahaha. I am just really amused that my eyes look like this, and it’s not a lot of white, from below when I look up wtf.

Butterfly Project high tea
Butterfly Project team was also celebrating the launch of their website, which was sponsored by Serverfreak.

Serverfreak was also there to teach the bloggers about domain names and server hosting, and talk about their Serverfreak Easy WordPress Setup package, in which they do everythingggg for you to get a domain name and a blog with WordPress. It’s totally useful if you are not good with these stuffs but still want a blog with a domain name, since you don’t really have to do anything but write. It comes with a free domain, a WordPress template, and 24 hours technical assistance.

I’m actually already a client of Serverfreak, with my own domain name already. Apparently, everyone in attendance uses Blogspot, so I was the lone WordPress ranger hahaha wtf. And I would say, for a girl, I’m pretty tech-savvy. I got so bored during the presentation because I already knew about them, and it wasn’t exactly helpful or anything new to me as I’m already with them and using WordPress.

I would say, however, I am very satisfied with Serverfreak (no they’re not sponsoring me, I paid with my own money okay). I’m not sure about down time, but I’ve never seen my blog down (not that I visit it very often wtf). It loads a little slower, but sometimes I can’t tell if it’s them, or just my crazy unstable Unifi. And they have super excellent tech support! Everytime I have a problem, they’re there to help me solve it. :’)

However, the last time I had a problem, wtf they actually asked for my wordpress log-in username and password. I was super reluctant, and was all “what do you need it for wtf I feel uncomfortable”. I wanted to just do everything myself, and they just have to give me the instructions, BUT THEN they said they can’t do much without logging in wtf. So they suggested me to change the password temporarily. So I did, and gave them a temporary password, and I wouldn’t say that was wise. The creepy part is, even though I refused to give them my password (initially), I was suddenly logged out of my wordpress and couldn’t log in with my password. And then when I finally could (after using the forgot password option!), I noticed a few differences, like new plug-in installed or something. THEN I WAS LOGGED OUT AGAIN wtf. Super fucking creepy because I didn’t give them my password, and yet.. Also, if they could do that without my log-in information, why ask for my password? It’s not that I don’t trust them, I thought they would be able to do something even without my log-in information anyway. But I am really not a fan of handing over my account, or my password. Seriously, everyone warns you to not share your password for a reason, and asking me to hand it over is just all kinds of shady. Fifty freaking shades of gray here.

Just need to clarify though, that this was only one time, and while it was weird, it wasn’t bad, and nothing bad happened. All my experiences with the Serverfreak team has been pleasant so far!

Butterfly Project high tea
To my surprise, I won a free domain name for a year! I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t win anything wtf since I already have the prizes they are offering, so I actually, really, don’t need them wtf. I’ve considered giving it to one of the new friends I’ve made there that day, but it’s only for one, and who am I to judge who should have it. I resorted to going up to Tammy and sorta returning the prize. I’m not sure what she did with it, but I hope she gave it to a blogger who would find it useful!

Well since I didn’t take many pictures, and I do want to remember this, so I’m just gonna include pictures from the new friends I made that day! Tell me if you mind me using it here okay.

Butterfly project high tea
Taken from Lizzie’s blog! With my table mates Lizzie Leong, CP Moon, that’s me, Su Quan, Fiona Chai, Zhi Xin, Juliana and Sabby Loh.

butterfly project high tea
Also from Lizzie but this time taken from Zhi Xin’s blog wtf.

Butterfly Project high tea
From Fiona Chai. Another Fiona! I’m Chan she’s Chai haha. I think she’s the first Fiona I really met. Also, she wore butterfly earrings, how appropriate!

Oh the last girl there is Siew Cheng! She had to leave early.

butterfly project high tea
Taken from Juliana’s blog.

butterfly project high tea
Also from Lizzie’s!

butterfly project high tea 123cheese
butterfly project high tea 123cheese
butterfly project high tea 123cheese

Butterfly Project high tea
With a half-eaten macaroon before I leave wtf.

Butterfly Project high tea Tammy
With Tammy!

I’ve always wanted to join this little community, so I’m glad I got a chance to attend something before I leave to Canada.

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