Thoughts on Revenge season 3 so far


Revenge this season has been surprisingly good.

You don’t know how disappointed I was with season 2, I kept on watching hoping that it’ll get better, or that there would be something somehow that would make all these worthwhile.

The season ended, it never came.

But I guess it was worthwhile after all, because it finally came, in season 3. Guess it was a good thing I didn’t stop watching Revenge.

It’s only been 5 episodes, but it’s already better than the whole season 2.

Revenge Season 3 poster Emily VanCamp Emily Thorne

This season we were shown the weaker, flawed and non-perfect Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke. For someone so calm and collected all the time, we finally see her losing her cool, in fact, several times in a row and making things worse. She made rash decisions without thinking o the consequences, and regretted it later. This season she also seem more panicky, on the edge, stressed out. Every episode we see a different flaw or screw up. While this is not the best way to characterisation, it is definitely better than nothing. I’ve noticed that she gets called out by everyone a lot more than previous seasons, or even turned against her, which I thought was very interesting.

Unlike other seasons where I felt that her every action was very calculated, this season she seems less calculated, but very focused on her revenge. The less-calculated part is probably the side effect of her losing control. That’s not okay for her and her revenge-y plans, but gold for us and her characterisation.

She was always so calm and collected and in control, too cool and distant, I never felt connected to her. I must have though, because I get so worried whenever I see her messing up. She seems more of a human this season, rather than something of a revenge-controlled puppet. Or it could just be that Emily VanCamp’s acting skills have improved. Either way, it’s a good look for both Emilys.

I feel like we are finally getting to know Emily Thorne beyond her calm and collectedness. It only took 2 years / seasons!

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Revenge

However, there was one episode (e2. “Sin”) where Emily’s characterisation was rather inconsistent. Sure, it makes sense for her to go too far with her revenge, but it just felt forced. Especially since they pulled her back to the “good side” in the end. What was that for? She even cut Nolan off (even if only for a little while). I don’t know, I think this episode is my least favourite thus far.

Daniel Grayson Joshua Bowman Revenge

Unfortunately, I feel like the characterisation of everyone else are not strong enough. Daniel especially, and I quote what he said to Emily, “Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m just playing a role in a story you’re writing”, because he really is, isn’t he? Especially this season. Sure, we know that he is trying to succeed on his own, and sure, he proved his fidelity to Emily, but what else? But I have to give credit to the writers for the fallout between Daniel and Emily, and Emily losing her control of him. That was unexpected, and it was great..

Nolan Ross Gabriel Mann Revenge

Even Nolan this season has just been playing the sidekick, the best friend and the support system, who gets a little sub-plot of a troubled romance (again). Even though Nolan ross (lost, Ross, get it? hehe) his company, they didn’t really explore that and how that changes his life or his finance. Poor Nolan Ross. They even gave him a surname that sounds like ‘lost’ wtf.

And then there’s Jack. What is he even doing on the show anymore? He’s the deadline this season, that is all. And poor Carl is just a prop! (I kid, I kid.)

Victoria Grayson Madeleine Stowe Revenge

Queen Victoria remain as manipulative as ever, even when she’s broke. This season we actually see her being very genuine, nice, sincere and non-manipulative when she interacts with Patrick. That was nice, and must have been a relief to her stress and mental health, even if it was a little weird to see her this way. She’s never even this way with Daniel and Charlotte. Patrick’s basically her only loyal ally who she never has to doubt. He is Victoria’s version of Nolan, except maybe more extreme.

Unlike most other shows with cliffhangers that leave you all worked up, frustrated, going crazy, Revenge uses a milder version. Just enough to make you want to know more and continue watching, seems like a classier version of cliffhangers. Actually, maybe this was intentional. They always put the biggest and most extreme cliffhanger in the first scene of every season. I’m glad that they don’t always remind us of that scene, because if you’re anything like me, you would’ve forgotten all about it, and your curiosity would not be driving you crazy.

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Revenge season 3 shot

Honestly, after the disaster and disappointment that was season 2, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of season 3. I’m glad they managed to pull it back. I can only hope that this continues on with the whole series, and the mess what was season 2 shall never be repeated or mentioned again. In fact, it would be great if we could just forget about season 2.

Now that I’m done with my attempt at professional-ish review writing, now’s the time for fangirl-type writing, on the pairings! What else?

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Joshua Bowman Daniel Grayson Demily Revenge Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Joshua Bowman Daniel Grayson Demily Revenge

My favorite would always been Emily and Daniel (Demily?), and they crushed the possibility of Emily falling back in love with Daniel, with one simple “But I can’t stand him!” that Emily yelled in frustration. I realise at this point, if Emily and Daniel actually happens it would really be quite ridiculous. So, I feel like they were trying to emphasize the impossibility of Emily and Daniel. Okay, message received. At least Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman are dating in real life.

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Aiden Mathis Barry Sloane Revenge

Emily and Aiden (Aimily? Eiden? hahaha) is a great second choice (for me) though. They make sense together, and only Aiden (and Nolan) know the real Emily well. I did find it very questionable when she told him that he’s her everything. First of all, I never thought I would hear that coming out of Emily’s mouth, it was so cringe-y. I hereby declare that to be the worst line in the episode. It didn’t help that it happened after she saw the romance between Jack and Margaux, and she seemed so vulnerable when she told him that.

Daniel Grayson Joshua Bowman Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Jack Porter Nick Wechsler Revenge

Jack’s the one on the right, clearly I am not a fan of him haha.

And I’m so happy about the Jack’s lack of screen time / character / role this season. It annoys me to no end whenever they try to play the Emily-and-Jack-are-childhood-sweethearts-and-meant-to-be-and-they-will-always-have-feelings-for-each-other card. This cliché. I can’t, whenever it’s hinted that one of them have feelings for each other, or that they will end up together. I was so happy when he said to Emily, “the more I see, the more I wonder what happened to that little girl that I met on the beach”, to which she aptly replied “she lost everything”. I’m not sure that the writers are really throwing Jack and Emily out of the window, because Emily probably still has feelings for Jack from what we saw in the first episode, “Fear”. But at least for now, it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna be together-forever. The subplot of Jack and Margaux budding romance is so useless and pointless, but it actually put a greater romantic distance between Jack and Emily so that’s good.

Sorry for the length of this post, all my assignments are long essays, so that must have rubbed off.

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  1. Imma huge fan of Revenge too! I can’t stand when the new episodes is only updated once a week? or once biweekly? It’s killing me! So I’ve decided to wait for the whole season ends then only watch it “marathon”! hehe =D