All work no play

Play? What is this strange word you speak? I no understand.

Hello, nerd alert.

My study table from when I was studying for an exam in Monash library! So neat and clean, right? :p

And now you’re looking at my 3 tables when I was studying in a classroom with Jo Yi. Much messier hahaha! And gosh, what an unimpressive panorama photo.

But look at hers! She was using SIX tables! One of which is solely for her earphones!

Another day, another table in library.

Another day, another place. I’m even facing the wall now, less distractions.

Another day, same place same table.

Sigh I have no life.

On the bright side (haha!), we watched the sun set the other day. Nope, it wasn’t exciting at all.

Can’t believe I’ve turned into one of those students who goes to the library / campus on weekends and during study break to study. I’m so hardworking! Lol no, it’s just because working at home in my room is too unproductive. :(

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4 responses to “All work no play

  1. I see more gadgets than pen and paper. :P