Kuala Lumpur

Pestle & Mortar reversed Kuala Lumpur

Should’ve bought one before coming to Canada. It would be wayyyy cooler to wear it outside of Malaysia, and Asia! And it’d be me being nationalistic too, for once. Kind of.

Pestle & Mortar Kuala Lumpur

Despite complaints of Malaysians saying that no one knows Malaysia, or Kuala Lumpur, that we exist, most people I’ve met here know about us! No, really, they know that we exist!

In fact, some of them are rather knowledgable about Malaysia. One of my friends has even been to KL before! He probably visited more places in Malaysia than I did..

Anyway, the more knowledgable ones like to tell me how beautiful Malaysia is, and they made me realize that Malaysia is indeed beautiful. Before this I didn’t even notice, her beauty is just constantly overshadowed by our political issues and our hatred for the political stuffs. Meeting foreigners who appreciate Malaysia’s beauty (and weather, everyone here loves summer and hot weather) made me love and appreciate Malaysia more. It’s ridiculous how I had to go to the other side of the world, and hear it from the foreigners’ points of view, to appreciate my own country.

So just for fun (and procrastination), I checked Pestle & Mortar’s international shipping cost. Wtf RM140 ($47) to ship to Canada! No way man. That’s crazy. I’m a broke student who still struggles to justify spending RM60 ($20) on a t-shirt hahaha.

Would’ve bought one before coming to Canada, too bad it is only now that I noticed how awesome it would be to wear that shirt in Canada (and United States)!

Right now, I’ll settle for wearing I ♥ New York T-shirt!

I love New York t shirt

Walking in the Winter Wonderland

More like a nightmare when it gets too cold. Like, super fucking cold, -26 Celsius, with -36 Celsius windchill. And that was the weather on my first day in Ottawa. Nonetheless, it is so beautiful, it really looks the part of winter wonderland. It just doesn’t feel like it when you’re walking, because you would be too busy shivering, and in my case, trying not to slip on ice or step on slushy wet melted snow.

So anyway, I’ve been here for almost 2 months now. I am still not immune to the cold. So many things have happened. Everything happens so fast that one week is a long time of not updating friends, yet time passes by so fast that you just want to slow it down and relax and enjoy and really appreciate everything.

And well, I’d like to think that I’ve been too busy enjoying life here to blog haha. But the truth is that (ahem), and because I’m too lazy. You know, why blog when you can sleep/watch tv/go out? I actually intended to write about my adventures here, in my mind I imagined posts after posts about my amazing adventures haha, but I just never got around to actually doing it.

Okay, here goes. This will just be about my first few days in Ottawa, where I was extremely Asian and took pictures of everything hahaha.

We stayed in The Business Inn and this is the view from our room! Also, just a side note, The Business Inn was great.

We actually arrived the night before I think. It was the coldest T_T We walked to a diner nearby on Elgin Street and holy shit I thought I was going to die. I was wondering how the heck does anyone go out and do anything at all in this weather. I thought that I would probably just stay in every day hahaha. THANKFULLY, the weather is not always that bad. It’s still cold, but more bearable than that night.

We walked to Rideau Centre in the morning and I had my first Tim Hortons! Hahaha. My dad had “Thai” food, that wasn’t authentic Thai and seemed more like Chinese food to me. Apparently it wasn’t even spicy :O

Confederation Square / park.

Rideau Canal, the world’s longest outdoor skating rink or something like that. You can see the Beavertails stall, which apparently is pretty damn famous, popular and good. I’ve tried it only once, it’s crazy sweet and unhealthy but it was good. My dad took these photos hahaha.

It got snowier!

Wtf Ottawa is such an old town, this looks like it could be taking in the 00′s or even 90′s.

Orientation hahaha. My dad asked me to send him pictures wtf, so I just took a random shot.

It was also the residence move-in day (my dad made me live on residence because it’ll be safer), so I brought a small bag to my room first and went back to the hotel that night haha.

Anyway, this is my incredibly small room. It looks slightly better now that I’ve done a little something to it. BUT I still really really dislike my room. It’s smaller AND colder than the other rooms, so cold that I had to buy a space heater. Which works really well, but gosh, it sometimes trips over the electricity so my power outlets and lights in my roommate’s room would go out. So. fucking. annoying. I also hate the old-ish furnitures, and the small closet. The other rooms get a wall space for that (sorta like an open wardrobe), I want that too!

After moving in and unpacking. What a mess hahaha. But at least it looks more home-y. I have done more things to it since then. You see the cardboards “standing” on some vent thing? That was what my dad taught me to do to try to get more of the heat (if any) directed to me.

The view from my room’s window. :3

So we went to an English pub for dinner that night, and I just felt like I HAD to order a drink, you know, since I was in an English pub! So.. I had my first alcoholic drink in 2014, with my dad. -_-

And of course, fish and chips hahaha.

Walmart! My dad took these! Only because I started taking photos inside too hahaha. I keep hearing about Walmart so it was pretty amusing to actually be in one and shopping there. For the first time anyway. Now I don’t care anymore.

WTF Canada. It’s actually quite creepy.

A huge lecture theatre HAHAHAHA.

Okay I’m done. I intended for this post to be like random pictures from my past 2 months but then when the other pictures didn’t really fit in this post. Oh well.

I haven’t been feeling homesick at all, so yay. I actually don’t really miss Malaysia, I miss New York City a lot more hahaha. I do miss my friends, but a lot of them are not in Malaysia anyway. :( And I miss Japanese food (and now fish and chips too) more than Malaysian food too. I think they mostly only have Japanese buffet restaurants, but the two I went didn’t have udon, or my favourite soft shell crabs! :( Have yet to try one restaurant with those, but I think they might be really expensive, sigh. Okay, so I miss Sushi Zanmai. And Auntie Anne’s or pretzels in general (but I satisfied that craving in Boston few days ago heh).

I came in like a wrecking ball

This is not an emotional sad sob-story post where I drown in self-pity about being heartbroken or breaking someone’s heart.

This is a story about a clumsy girl. Hahaha who am I kidding, that’s me. This is just one of my many clumsy episodes.

So I had a glass of margarita during dinner. (Do you see where this story is going?)

Anyway, we asked for the bill, even though my glass of margarita was still full.

And I was taking my card out to pay… and while pulling the card out of my purse.. the force (haha!) was too strong and I knocked the glass with my hand..

And the glass full of margarita fell on the table and shattered T_T

And some of the margarita got to my friend’s phone, which was, of course, on the table. T_T

It wasn’t working for a while and I was so so so worried! Thankfully it worked when he turned it back on later.

I also felt super bad about breaking the restaurant’s glass, but the owner was so nice to me and said it was okay. :’) He didn’t ask for extra charges too, like restaurants in Malaysia would. SO NICE :’)

margarita Burrito Borracho Ottawa
The poor glass and wasted margarita.

There’s more.

After cleaning up and apologizing every minute, I was paying with my card and the first try didn’t go through because I took too long wtf. So he had to come back and do the thingamajig for me to pay again, but this time I pressed something wrong, and then accidentally pressed ‘Cancel’ hahaha, so he had to come back again wtf! Finally, third time’s the charm!

SO EMBARRASSING wtf. It’s bad enough that I broke the glass, of course my first 2 tries to pay had to fail too wtf.

I’m leaving on a jet plane

I’ve been crazy busy with the preparation to go off to Canada. I can’t believe I’m flying off this Friday, and technically, tomorrow morning! wtf, how did the time fly so fast?!?!!

Anyway, holy shit, I’ll be going to four cities in less than 10 days!

We have a 12 hours layover in Dubai, so first, we are gonna go out of the airport and admire the city, and hope that it doesn’t suck our money dry. Oh Dubai, Dubai.

Then after 12 beautiful but expensive (and hot) hours in Dubai, we’ll be on our way to NEW YORK CITYYY! NEW YORK FREAKING CITY OMG. DREAM. COMING. TRUE.

I could barely believe it when I booked the flight tickets, it was so surreal. NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!1 :’)

You might as well be picturing me jumping up and down like a little kid filled with pure happiness.

This is also the flight (Dubai -> New York) where I might not be able to sit with my father on the plane, because apparently I was a little bit too late in selecting my seat wtf, when I had JUST finished selecting the seat for my father wtf.

Oh well, I hope they at least let me sit somewhere near him. Unless, of course, they want to assign me a seat next to some hot guy, in which case I wouldn’t mind at all.

Moving on, then we’ll be flying to Toronto, Canada, because my dad insists on me meeting a point of contact who he knows. This someone will be my father’s close friend’s sister who lives in Toronto hahahaha wtf. We will be staying over at her house for one night. :O Apparently, according to them, there’s nothing much to do in Toronto hahaha. And I don’t really question it so..

And finally, after one most-likely-to-be an awkward night, we’ll be on our way to Ottawa, the place where I’ll be studying as an exchange student for a year. We (read: my dad) have not decided on the mode of transport yet wtf.

And that’s where the journey ends, for me.

I know, I know, who has their parent flying to the exchange country with the child wtf. But my parents and grandma are worried, and it IS a strange country far from home (Australia? UK? pfffttt!), and I wouldn’t mind the extra luggage space, and the fancier and longer travel itinerary.





Okay, I better go.

Kuala Lumpur -> Dubai -> New York -> Toronto -> Ottawa.

My life has never been so fancy, I feel like I’m living the dream.

Butterfly Project High Tea

I went to Butterfly Project’s high tea session like 2 weeks ago. I remember thinking “ah I have plenty of time to blog about this before Christmas” haha but wtf, I’ve been and still am crazy busy with so many things to do, writing about this is like a procrastination activity.

Butterfly high tea

It was in ShowCase, Plaza Kelana Jaya, facing a lake. I had no idea that place even existed. :p Thankfully, it’s right off LDP so it didn’t give me much chance to get lost. But ShowCase was rather hidden, since the carpark, well, wasn’t facing a lake, and I couldn’t see it from there wtf, so I went to ask the security people.

I only brought my iPhone 4, so I don’t really have pictures, and am gonna ‘steal’ some from their Facebook hehehe.

Butterfly Project High Tea ShowCase Etude House
The door gifts. DID YOU SEE THE BOOKS?! I was pleasantly surprised to see that they included books as part of the door gift, SO NICE! I took Peter Pan, that’s like my all-time favourite. And I was so excited to see Etude House hahaha I was thinking that I needed some new make up. Turns out it is a green tea cleansing foam hahaha, it smells really nice I like it. My current Neutrogena one doesn’t really smell nice.

Butterfly Project high tea Ask Joey
The super sweet and pink display table by Ask Joey. Love the pink jam jars (strawberry?) and pink lemonade! So pretty. And I know where that LOVE sign thing is from!

Butterfly Project high tea Ask Joey
And look! Freaking ombré cake! (I don’t know about you, but now the word ombre just reminds me of hombre hahaha.)

butterfly project high tea
My meal. I actually wanted to take one of everything from the table (because I was hungry!) but then the plate was too small wtf. And the curry puff was good but realllyyy spicy wtf.

butterfly project high tea
Coffee for high tea hahaha. Most of them had tea, I think I was the only weirdo at my table drinking coffee.

butterfly project high tea 123cheese
Photobooth from 123cheese.my . I really really like this kind of photobooth photos hahaha if I’m making sense. But the pictures are so small for group pictures. Also, they really do say “1, 2, 3, cheeeseee!” before taking a photo hahaha.

Wanted to sneak a selfie during the Serverfreak talk but accidentally looked up (out of politeness) hahaha. I am just really amused that my eyes look like this, and it’s not a lot of white, from below when I look up wtf.

Butterfly Project high tea
Butterfly Project team was also celebrating the launch of their website, which was sponsored by Serverfreak.

Serverfreak was also there to teach the bloggers about domain names and server hosting, and talk about their Serverfreak Easy WordPress Setup package, in which they do everythingggg for you to get a domain name and a blog with WordPress. It’s totally useful if you are not good with these stuffs but still want a blog with a domain name, since you don’t really have to do anything but write. It comes with a free domain, a WordPress template, and 24 hours technical assistance.

I’m actually already a client of Serverfreak, with my own domain name already. Apparently, everyone in attendance uses Blogspot, so I was the lone WordPress ranger hahaha wtf. And I would say, for a girl, I’m pretty tech-savvy. I got so bored during the presentation because I already knew about them, and it wasn’t exactly helpful or anything new to me as I’m already with them and using WordPress.

I would say, however, I am very satisfied with Serverfreak (no they’re not sponsoring me, I paid with my own money okay). I’m not sure about down time, but I’ve never seen my blog down (not that I visit it very often wtf). It loads a little slower, but sometimes I can’t tell if it’s them, or just my crazy unstable Unifi. And they have super excellent tech support! Everytime I have a problem, they’re there to help me solve it. :’)

However, the last time I had a problem, wtf they actually asked for my wordpress log-in username and password. I was super reluctant, and was all “what do you need it for wtf I feel uncomfortable”. I wanted to just do everything myself, and they just have to give me the instructions, BUT THEN they said they can’t do much without logging in wtf. So they suggested me to change the password temporarily. So I did, and gave them a temporary password, and I wouldn’t say that was wise. The creepy part is, even though I refused to give them my password (initially), I was suddenly logged out of my wordpress and couldn’t log in with my password. And then when I finally could (after using the forgot password option!), I noticed a few differences, like new plug-in installed or something. THEN I WAS LOGGED OUT AGAIN wtf. Super fucking creepy because I didn’t give them my password, and yet.. Also, if they could do that without my log-in information, why ask for my password? It’s not that I don’t trust them, I thought they would be able to do something even without my log-in information anyway. But I am really not a fan of handing over my account, or my password. Seriously, everyone warns you to not share your password for a reason, and asking me to hand it over is just all kinds of shady. Fifty freaking shades of gray here.

Just need to clarify though, that this was only one time, and while it was weird, it wasn’t bad, and nothing bad happened. All my experiences with the Serverfreak team has been pleasant so far!

Butterfly Project high tea
To my surprise, I won a free domain name for a year! I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t win anything wtf since I already have the prizes they are offering, so I actually, really, don’t need them wtf. I’ve considered giving it to one of the new friends I’ve made there that day, but it’s only for one, and who am I to judge who should have it. I resorted to going up to Tammy and sorta returning the prize. I’m not sure what she did with it, but I hope she gave it to a blogger who would find it useful!

Well since I didn’t take many pictures, and I do want to remember this, so I’m just gonna include pictures from the new friends I made that day! Tell me if you mind me using it here okay.

Butterfly project high tea
Taken from Lizzie’s blog! With my table mates Lizzie Leong, CP Moon, that’s me, Su Quan, Fiona Chai, Zhi Xin, Juliana and Sabby Loh.

butterfly project high tea
Also from Lizzie but this time taken from Zhi Xin’s blog wtf.

Butterfly Project high tea
From Fiona Chai. Another Fiona! I’m Chan she’s Chai haha. I think she’s the first Fiona I really met. Also, she wore butterfly earrings, how appropriate!

Oh the last girl there is Siew Cheng! She had to leave early.

butterfly project high tea
Taken from Juliana’s blog.

butterfly project high tea
Also from Lizzie’s!

butterfly project high tea 123cheese
butterfly project high tea 123cheese
butterfly project high tea 123cheese

Butterfly Project high tea
With a half-eaten macaroon before I leave wtf.

Butterfly Project high tea Tammy
With Tammy!

I’ve always wanted to join this little community, so I’m glad I got a chance to attend something before I leave to Canada.

Nerd diary

Seeing as this blog is in the danger of turning into a typical fangirl tumblr, I gotta neutralise it with some good ol’ nerdiness.

(Actually party pictures might work better, but hey I JUST finished my paper, no time for that yet!)

Finals time in Monash University, the time of nerdiness, glasses, dark circles, books and craziness (from studying too hard/stress!). This time it lasted for freaking 3 weeks for me! :(

Went to study on campus.

Monash University Sunway Malaysia Communication Lab

That highlighter eventually ran out of ink HAHA, and it’s quite new too.

Monash University Sunway Malaysia Communication Lab
Who are these 2 intruders invading my private space? Rude!

Nah, kidding. Also he’s holding a calculator, not a phone.


Over-celebrated the end of my first paper, when I had two more coming wtf. We went for a mini movie marathon, first one Thor 2: The Dark World in Sunway Pyramid, the second one, Escape Plan, ahem in One Utama hahahaha. wtf. Crazy. And that was my second viewing of Thor, even though I didn’t like it THAT much.

Then it was 12 days for my next 2 papers, 4 of which I spent slacking wtf.

Monash take a break
Aww so sweet of Monash!

Also, I replied lecturer’s email with some punny jokes. He included them in the next mass email wtf… Do you think that makes me a comedian? :D

Anyway, MY FINALS ARE OVER NOW WOOHOO! I’m gonna go enjoy my freedom! So uhm yeah, bye.

Thor 2: The Dark World (or as I call it, Loki 2)


and I stand by my statement.

What can I say? I love my God of Mischief.

And Tom Hiddleston.

How can I not? :’)

Thor 2 The Dark World Loki Tom Hiddleston Poster

And can you believe it? It’s only been out for a few days and I’m having finals, but I’ve already watched it twice!! wtf. hashtag best student ever.

Oh right, there are TWO after-credit scenes, if you haven’t watched it yet. One after the short and pretty-looking main credits, one after the full credits, right at the end, probably when the cinema is already empty.

Thor 2 The Dark World Loki Long Hair Sad Tom Hiddleston

I gotta give credits to the writers. Despite Loki’s popularity, he remains to be an evil villain. I expected them to turn him into a good guy somehow, maybe with a hint of moral conscience, or teasing us with his hidden good side wtf. But they didn’t! :’) I’d probably be tempted to, because he seems like such a sweet and nice guy. They kinda did with the story about his mother though, but then again it didn’t seem like revenge was his sole purpose. Anyway, I’m glad he stayed a villain and everyone in the movie still hated him, I think part of his charm / greatness / popularity also comes from his awesome villain portrayal.

Thor 2 The Dark World Loki Tom Hiddleston Chris Hemsworth brothers

In this siblinghood, I feel like Thor is the dumb / bimbo brother hahahaha wtf. He just reminded me of one when I was watching it the second time. According to television stereotype, the dumb brother is good looking, buff, honest, honourable, nice, and many other great qualities, but rather dumb hahahaha. He probably isn’t really dumb, but he just reminded me of one.

Actually, to come to think of it, Loki’s characterisation is great. But I think Thor’s characterisation suffered. Loki’s character has a lot more layers to it, we see so many sides of him. But Thor’s is not as well done. Maybe that’s why Thor reminded me of a dumb brother hahaha sorry.

Thor 2: The Dark World poster Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Tom Hiddleston Loki Jane Foster

I don’t understand how Loki is so small in the background in this poster.

I was disappointed by Natalie Portman’s Dr. Jane Foster’s damsel-in-distress only-useful-for-being-used-by-a-villain. Her character in Thor 1 was so insignificant (other than being the love interest), I don’t even remember what she did, other than pretty much nothing. When I saw the Thor 2 (Loki 2) poster where Natalie Portman was dressed looking warrior-like, I had a little hope that her character would improve! But nope, not happening, of course not, silly me. She needed to be rescued gosh. Come on, she’s a Doctor with apparently, 3 degrees! The only thing she can do can’t be just slapping people out of the blue! (okay, and a lot of science-y stuffs.) If the rumours about her wanting to leave Thor are true, it is no wonder. She could do way better than this character, and she doesn’t need it.

There’s an interesting article about how Loki being the only good villain in Marvel movies is a big problem, which is really true. I don’t even remember most villains in the Marvel movies. I guess in a way, Tom Hiddleston did such a good job, he overshadowed most characters. Even the Thor 2 promo tour is mostly about Tom Hiddleston being his charming self. They only managed to level with that when all the superheroes are together. I hope he doesn’t get over-exposed and exploited (if he isn’t already). I’m glad he’s well and alive, and they continue to keep Loki around, but I don’t want a movie dedicated to Loki. This type of movies rarely, if ever, work out well for anyone. And it’d be interesting to see how the dynamics between the characters would change when they add another important villain into the story.

Also, I love the soundtrack! Brian Tyler did a great job.

And whaatt I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Zachary Levi’s name on the credits! Whaatt wheenn whooo howw? He looks so different he’s unrecognisable! Even when I watched the movie the second time, I was still doubtful that Zachary Levi was in the movie I started to wonder if I knew how Zachary Levi looks like at all wtf.

Thor 2 The Dark World Zachary Levi Fandral
Zachary Levi Chuck

Okay. I guess I can see the resemblance, still..

Icona Pop KL Showcase


Icona Pop Live@KL Malaysia Showcase


Date: 29 November 2013
Venue: Club Neverland (I presume, since Neverland is their official venue sponsor).
Time: Not mentioned, but it’s probably in the evening.
Hotel they’re probably gonna stay in: Meridien Kuala Lumpur (again, presumption).

I don’t know why there’s not a lot of information, or why there’s no announcement right now, but Warner Music Malaysia has a contest for you to win tickets to the mysterious Icona Pop KL Showcase right now! They’re giving away a pair of tickets to unknown numbers of winner (weekly!), from the 3rd to 28th November.

Icona Pop Live@KL Malaysia Showcase

You need to register your details here. Post pictures or videos of your “I don’t care, I love it” moments (can I just laugh at the name of the moment hahahaha!), with the hashtag #MyIconicMoment. You can submit as many as you want to increase your chances!

I’m not sure if this means that the tickets are not available for sale.. or something. They really didn’t give a lot of information. Heck, they don’t even have a promotional poster yet.

For all I know, it could also be called “This Is.. Icona Pop Showcase”.

So meanwhile, I guess you could just share your fabulous “I don’t care, I love it” moments and cross your fingers here.

I’m excited that Icona Pop is coming! I love that song :D But I’m not sure if I want to dedicate so much time to try to win the tickets, or even pay for it (if they’re going to sell them). I mean, after all, I only know 2 songs.

Thoughts on Revenge season 3 so far


Revenge this season has been surprisingly good.

You don’t know how disappointed I was with season 2, I kept on watching hoping that it’ll get better, or that there would be something somehow that would make all these worthwhile.

The season ended, it never came.

But I guess it was worthwhile after all, because it finally came, in season 3. Guess it was a good thing I didn’t stop watching Revenge.

It’s only been 5 episodes, but it’s already better than the whole season 2.

Revenge Season 3 poster Emily VanCamp Emily Thorne

This season we were shown the weaker, flawed and non-perfect Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke. For someone so calm and collected all the time, we finally see her losing her cool, in fact, several times in a row and making things worse. She made rash decisions without thinking o the consequences, and regretted it later. This season she also seem more panicky, on the edge, stressed out. Every episode we see a different flaw or screw up. While this is not the best way to characterisation, it is definitely better than nothing. I’ve noticed that she gets called out by everyone a lot more than previous seasons, or even turned against her, which I thought was very interesting.

Unlike other seasons where I felt that her every action was very calculated, this season she seems less calculated, but very focused on her revenge. The less-calculated part is probably the side effect of her losing control. That’s not okay for her and her revenge-y plans, but gold for us and her characterisation.

She was always so calm and collected and in control, too cool and distant, I never felt connected to her. I must have though, because I get so worried whenever I see her messing up. She seems more of a human this season, rather than something of a revenge-controlled puppet. Or it could just be that Emily VanCamp’s acting skills have improved. Either way, it’s a good look for both Emilys.

I feel like we are finally getting to know Emily Thorne beyond her calm and collectedness. It only took 2 years / seasons!

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Revenge

However, there was one episode (e2. “Sin”) where Emily’s characterisation was rather inconsistent. Sure, it makes sense for her to go too far with her revenge, but it just felt forced. Especially since they pulled her back to the “good side” in the end. What was that for? She even cut Nolan off (even if only for a little while). I don’t know, I think this episode is my least favourite thus far.

Daniel Grayson Joshua Bowman Revenge

Unfortunately, I feel like the characterisation of everyone else are not strong enough. Daniel especially, and I quote what he said to Emily, “Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m just playing a role in a story you’re writing”, because he really is, isn’t he? Especially this season. Sure, we know that he is trying to succeed on his own, and sure, he proved his fidelity to Emily, but what else? But I have to give credit to the writers for the fallout between Daniel and Emily, and Emily losing her control of him. That was unexpected, and it was great..

Nolan Ross Gabriel Mann Revenge

Even Nolan this season has just been playing the sidekick, the best friend and the support system, who gets a little sub-plot of a troubled romance (again). Even though Nolan ross (lost, Ross, get it? hehe) his company, they didn’t really explore that and how that changes his life or his finance. Poor Nolan Ross. They even gave him a surname that sounds like ‘lost’ wtf.

And then there’s Jack. What is he even doing on the show anymore? He’s the deadline this season, that is all. And poor Carl is just a prop! (I kid, I kid.)

Victoria Grayson Madeleine Stowe Revenge

Queen Victoria remain as manipulative as ever, even when she’s broke. This season we actually see her being very genuine, nice, sincere and non-manipulative when she interacts with Patrick. That was nice, and must have been a relief to her stress and mental health, even if it was a little weird to see her this way. She’s never even this way with Daniel and Charlotte. Patrick’s basically her only loyal ally who she never has to doubt. He is Victoria’s version of Nolan, except maybe more extreme.

Unlike most other shows with cliffhangers that leave you all worked up, frustrated, going crazy, Revenge uses a milder version. Just enough to make you want to know more and continue watching, seems like a classier version of cliffhangers. Actually, maybe this was intentional. They always put the biggest and most extreme cliffhanger in the first scene of every season. I’m glad that they don’t always remind us of that scene, because if you’re anything like me, you would’ve forgotten all about it, and your curiosity would not be driving you crazy.

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Revenge season 3 shot

Honestly, after the disaster and disappointment that was season 2, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of season 3. I’m glad they managed to pull it back. I can only hope that this continues on with the whole series, and the mess what was season 2 shall never be repeated or mentioned again. In fact, it would be great if we could just forget about season 2.

Now that I’m done with my attempt at professional-ish review writing, now’s the time for fangirl-type writing, on the pairings! What else?

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Joshua Bowman Daniel Grayson Demily Revenge Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Joshua Bowman Daniel Grayson Demily Revenge

My favorite would always been Emily and Daniel (Demily?), and they crushed the possibility of Emily falling back in love with Daniel, with one simple “But I can’t stand him!” that Emily yelled in frustration. I realise at this point, if Emily and Daniel actually happens it would really be quite ridiculous. So, I feel like they were trying to emphasize the impossibility of Emily and Daniel. Okay, message received. At least Emily VanCamp and Joshua Bowman are dating in real life.

Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Aiden Mathis Barry Sloane Revenge

Emily and Aiden (Aimily? Eiden? hahaha) is a great second choice (for me) though. They make sense together, and only Aiden (and Nolan) know the real Emily well. I did find it very questionable when she told him that he’s her everything. First of all, I never thought I would hear that coming out of Emily’s mouth, it was so cringe-y. I hereby declare that to be the worst line in the episode. It didn’t help that it happened after she saw the romance between Jack and Margaux, and she seemed so vulnerable when she told him that.

Daniel Grayson Joshua Bowman Emily Thorne Emily VanCamp Jack Porter Nick Wechsler Revenge

Jack’s the one on the right, clearly I am not a fan of him haha.

And I’m so happy about the Jack’s lack of screen time / character / role this season. It annoys me to no end whenever they try to play the Emily-and-Jack-are-childhood-sweethearts-and-meant-to-be-and-they-will-always-have-feelings-for-each-other card. This cliché. I can’t, whenever it’s hinted that one of them have feelings for each other, or that they will end up together. I was so happy when he said to Emily, “the more I see, the more I wonder what happened to that little girl that I met on the beach”, to which she aptly replied “she lost everything”. I’m not sure that the writers are really throwing Jack and Emily out of the window, because Emily probably still has feelings for Jack from what we saw in the first episode, “Fear”. But at least for now, it doesn’t seem like they’re gonna be together-forever. The subplot of Jack and Margaux budding romance is so useless and pointless, but it actually put a greater romantic distance between Jack and Emily so that’s good.

Sorry for the length of this post, all my assignments are long essays, so that must have rubbed off.

Honey, you’re my little pumpkin.

Honey Pumpkin Komugi Café Pavilion

Honey Pumpkin from Komugi Café, Tokyo Street, Pavilion.