Touring the East Coast

Sort of. Not really. I’m finally leaving Canada after staying one whole fucking month to deal with my Canadian visa issue to travel around the east coast! I thought I would never leave! (So did the Brazilians and Aina, most probably, hahahaha.)

I have already done the west coast (also only sort of) with Ina and Sole in May, before I came back to Canada. Now that I’m done dealing with Canadian visa, I’m leaving to travel the east coast woohoo!

And I’m now happily on the bus on the way to Chicago! Actually, I’m arriving in 20 minutes. I can barely believe this is happening.

But due to budget issue, I’ll only be going to Chicago, Washington D.C. and New Yorkkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of. One month and a half there!

I’ve even stopped by Toronto to see Alston and Abdul! I didn’t even really do any sightseeing in Toronto. I stayed with Alston and his family and had an amazing time with them.

And I know, I know, it’s not a complete east coast tour. And Chicago is really midwest, but it’s kind of, sort of on the east coast-ish. Oh shit, it’s not even in the same timezone hahaha.

But I’ve already been to Boston, so I’m skipping it this time. Wanted to go to Philadelphia too, but decided to skip it as well. We’ll see, I might still end up going. Wanted to go to Florida too, which is really south, but it’s too far, and I can’t afford to go to the theme parks in Orlando, nor am I that interested in going to Miami, alone, just for the beaches. Will probably drop by New Jersey while I’m in New York.

And yes, I’ll be travelling alone! Which terrifies me but excites me too. It’ll be an experience, to say the least. I don’t know, we’ll see. It definitely helps that I have a grandaunt in New York, and I’ll be meeting up with Nico there too!


Boston, MA – Day 1

Our “spring break” was earlier than most universities’ Spring Break. Because Canada, it was still crazy winter for us. A big group of them went to Cuba, some Brazilians went to Cancun, places full of sunshine and far far away from winter, and we.. we chose to stay in winter (because we just loveeeee winter that much) and go to Boston. Who need warmth? Not us.

Splitting the posts by day because.. way too many pictures. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights, but we did like EVERYTHING on the first 2 days.

We stayed with Friends Street Hostel. It was pretty good, standard hostel, and pretty near downtown. They also provide free breakfast in the mornings (good for budget travellers!), and if you’re lucky you get to have waffles! They also have cheap lunch menu, around $5 maybe. The stairs though, rather steep and high, had to make Ferdi or Nico carry my luggage up and down for me. No big deal though (unless you’re me, in which case, pack as light as possible).

All set and ready to go!

My first Wonka candy! Only bought it because, Willy Wonka! I gave the candies to Nico and only kept the box wtf haha. Only realized recently that that Malaysia has Wonka products too.

We were travelling by bus overnight, leaving at night and arriving Boston in the morning. So I wore my specs instead, and they were like :O because they’ve never seen me with specs haha.

HAHAHA best picture ever. It was so hilarious we had to post it. Took a normal nice one to salvage our image hahaha wtf.

The boys were next to us, playing chess on the iPad again.

Boston, baby! First stop: Dunkin Donuts hahaha. Because America runs on Dunkin Donuts wtf.

Jo wasn’t feeling well, so she was telling Sole, Ina and Morgane (who were already in Boston the night before, coming from New York) that she was okay haha.

Charlie ticket for the Boston subway rides. I got the 7-day pass even though we were only staying for 4 days, it was cheaper. I would’ve gotten a Charlie card instead if I had known there is a card version.

We spent the first day in Boston walking around, following some route that Ina and Sole planned. I have no idea where we were and went, because we kind of just blindly followed them, but we were definitely walking pass touristy spots. We walked so much I feel like we walked all of Boston haha.

The boys didn’t join us for the walking tour though. Don’t remember what they were doing instead, either sleeping or.. something. We met up in MIT.

And because Canada and its’ reputation for winter, I thought the Boston winter would be nicer. Boy, was I wrong. It was nearly as cold, if not the same coldness. But they also have rainy winter, which Ottawa doesn’t really have, and I did not expect. My shoes were not equipped for wet winter and I walked all day with wet shoes and socks :( It does sort of get warmer when it gets sunny though, but our first day in Boston was a rainy gloomy winter day.

Boston is so beautiful though. All these charming old buildings in the midst of winter snow-whiteness. You’ll see in the pictures, so gorgeous!

And thanks to its large (VERY smart) student population, it has a great atmosphere and lifestyle despite being a big city. It’d be an amazing place to live in.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Quincy Market.

Downtown Crossing. Good for shopping I believe.

Boston Common Park.

Boston Common Park
Us girls.

Boston Common Park

Boston Common Park

Boston State House

The State House.

Behind the scene hahaha.

Snowball fight (sort of) alert!

Guess where?

THE M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

There were classes in-session (we do have a very early “spring break”), many MIT students walking around and everything.

So it was great, because there were so many Asians walking around! I just have to walking around, act like I know shit and I’d blend right in. No one would suspect that I don’t go there HAHAHA.

There were actually tours to see the MIT campus, but we didn’t join. Not sure if the tours were free/open to public.

Look who’s a MIT student now hahahaha.

No idea what MIT building this is, but it looks cool.

harvard university

Mommy, daddy, I made it.

Selfie with my university HAHAHA.

harvard university

harvard university

harvard university
Finally a picture of alll of us!

Some black church near Harvard.

Musicians in subway station.

Went for The Cheesecake Factory in Prudential Center after. We walked around Prudential Center, which is a shopping mall, before eating.

I was so full I couldn’t eat a cake, so I ordered one to takeaway instead. ;) Wasn’t going to come to Cheesecake Factory and leave without trying their cake!

I don’t know these people.


Word of the trip: Sure.

Museum visits

Well, the previous post was too party, now it’s time to show my intellectual side HAHAHA.

This post is out of chronological order of my exchange posts so far, but it’s okay, I’m not about to make 3 individual posts for 3 different museum visits.

You see, Ottawa is not exactly a tourist hotspot. There are not many attractions or places to go in Ottawa really.

When my dad came with me and heard that the most touristy thing to do here is to visit museums and Parliament Hill, he was like nope. He walked by the parliament buildings (I think) and did not give a fuck.

There is the Rideau Canal, the world’s longest outdoor skating rink, but my dad doesn’t skate, and I don’t know how to, so..

All he did in Ottawa was shopping in Rideau Centre and running errands with me haha.

And I’m not interested in museums and government buildings too. I’ve been here 6 months and I only finally went to visit the (outside of) Parliament last week. I did, however, try skating on the canal.

My “skating”, as demonstrated in this picture.

However, I was forced to visit some museums (I auto-typed musics instead of museums every time, I think this really shows my disinterest in museums haha) for a class. Had to, the exams had questions that one could only answer if one visited the museums.

I went to the National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Museum of Civilization, and Canadian War Museum.

National Gallery of Canada
National Gallery of Canada at night. (or in the evening, the sun sets at like 4pm during winter wtf). That’s the spider thing that visitors like to take pictures with. Went with awesome Nico. It was after this that I accidentally broke a glass in a restaurant. :(

Artists, Architects and Artisans National Gallery of Canada
The exhibition I needed to visit. My professor didn’t expect the “architecture” part hahaha.

Needed to visit this exhibition and see a controversial painting, “Voice of Fire.”

Barnett Newman Voice of Fire National Gallery of Canada
I know what you’re thinking.

Apparently, they paid $1.8 million for this back in 1989, which means in today’s dollar value, the number would be much higher wtf.

And also apparently, you need to see this painting in real life to fully appreciate it, if you can.

I couldn’t.

And I tried. I really tried.

Voice of Fire National Gallery of Canada
HAHAHA. I love this.

Canadian Museum of Civilization History
Next up: Canadian Museum of Civilization / Canadian Museum of History (Musée canadien des civilisations or musée canadien de l’histoire in Fancy French) in Gatineau (which is outside of Ottawa, in Quebec, but very near). The bus ride was torturing, took me like an hour and a half to get there.

But the museum was pretty great and a lot more interesting. I especially liked Canada Hall, it was a narrative of Canadian history, from the first non-Aboriginal people who stepped foot on the Canadian soil to recent history.

The First People’s Hall, which was about the Aboriginal people of Canada, and all the ancient-looking stuffs, creeped me out so much. I walked as fast as possible.

Canadian museum of civilization history the grand hall
Canadian museum of civilization history the grand hall
The Grand Hall. Seems like a tourist’s favourite spot for taking photos.

Canadian museum of civilization history snow
An exhibition named “Ice” or “Snow”. Self-explanatory name, really.

They also had another special exhibition named Vodou (which really means voodoo). There was a sign warning that it is not for the faint of heart, and they featured real dead people’s bones inside or something. I was intrigued but didn’t dare to go in hahaha.

Canadian Museum of Civilization History
Then, when I was done with all the halls, apparently I missed the last OC Transpo bus that goes from Gatineau to Ottawa. So I had to take Gatineau’s own STO bus. I waited in the dead of winter night for half an hour BUT THE BUS NEVER CAME.

Couldn’t take it anymore, so I called a cab to go to Rideau to take a bus back to residence from there wtf.

Canadian War Museum
Canadian War Museum (Musée canadien de la guerre en français). Danny was supposed to go with me, but then he said he was too lazy wtf. Muchas gracias mejor amigo.

Didn’t take a picture, so pictures from Google Image search haha.

Canadian-War-Museum morse code windows
The windows thingy apparently spells out something in morse code!

My name, encoded. I feel like a spy now.

Hello, my name is RBDDO.

Canadian War Museum
No Canada, I did not know.

Canadian War Museum
With a Japanese soldier hat that Nik made me wear, just because I’m Asian.

Canadian War Museum Berlin wall
Canadian War Museum
Coolest thing in the entire museum. A piece of Berlin wall!!!!

The museum was generally pretty cool though. Didn’t have time to go see other parts that I didn’t need to.

Now that I think about it, my museum visits were not too bad, they can be pretty cool or interesting. Even my worst one so far, the National Gallery of Canada, they had paintings by Andy Warhol, which I admit, is really cool. Museums are definitely not the most exciting, but can’t say they were bad either.

Sole’s Birthday Party

Also known to some people as the Chilean party hahaha.

But c’mon, really, it was her birthday party! But I guess they at least knew that she is Chilean.

This was one of the best parties I’ve had in Ottawa! (And I went to like nearly every party during the exchange semester.) There were two little incidences, but still the best night ever!

The people were great, all my favourite people, Chilean cake was delicious, great music, and now that I think about it, I was drunk on jelly shots (and I didn’t even really drink! I forgot to bring alcohol wtf), and highlight of the night actually involved being high and a light (height-wise, not cannabis) I’m so punny hahaha wtf).

Chileans are the best. Or Chilean parties are the best! I keep hearing about the awesome Chilean-style parties and weddings, I definitely need to visit Chile and experience one!

Haha weirdo.

Everyone’s favourite drunk! He’s sweetest and funniest and the most adorable drunk ever!

With birthday girl! Very honoured to have celebrated your birthday with you :’)


The best Chileans ever.

Josh had chocolate on his face haha.

Look at this ladies man, woohoo.

Preston team! <3


Lorenzo came to hijack my picture with Ogulcan.

And then it turned into a group picture.

Or 2.

Now, the highlight I mentioned earlier.

We were in the basement (with a low ceiling) when this mapache king suddenly put me on his shoulders, started dancing / jumping around, effectively banging my head against the ceiling and the lamp, repeatedly. HAHAHAHAHA.

I don’t know if everyone else was horrified or laughing or both. Hugo was probably the only one who reacted slightly different, he actually tried to protect my head but putting his hand on my head hahaha.

I was laughing too hard hahaha how did that even happen! If anything happens to my head/brain or I turn stupid, I know who to blame!

And my head didn’t actually hurt! It hurt more when he put me up on his shoulder because he kinda pulled my leg wtf.

Some of the last ones left at the party haha. Actually, halfway through, half the crowd left to go to Jackie’s party. By the time this picture was taken, the rest went back home / went to bed already. Just us.

I think we stayed until morning. I don’t really remember, all these parties are blurring into one haha. But I’m pretty sure I slept over there that night.

This was also probably the night Alston and Abdul wanted to go home by bus but kept missing the buses, 3 or 4 times at least! I remember because I was so tired and wanted to sleep (on the couch) but they were not leaving hahahaha.

Man, I recognize so many faces of people I know now that I didn’t know back then, didn’t even know they were at the party.

The next day, I managed to wake up in time to get ready, and went to Ollie’s to watch Super Bowl haha. Don’t actually really care (but really, only Americans do), but wooo Super Bowl. Need to do what the locals like when abroad, you know.

Montreal, Quebec

Exchange trip in Montreal for 2 days and 2 nights, it was organized by the exchange club, and this was unfortunately the first, and also the last trip we went with the exchange clubs. They organized two more but both failed.

When this trip happened we didn’t even know one another for a month yet. But it was an amazing trip, many things happened, good, bad, crazy, and romantic ;) I think lots of exchange romances started here. And Montreal is an incredibly gorgeous (and French-looking) city. I need to go back there again :(

On the bus to Montreal! Ferdi looks terrible here hahahaha.

We arrived Montreal at night so.. first night, we only partied. We had pre-drinks in the Australians’ room, apparently we actually got a noise complaint or something, but not sure if it was us or maybe Brazilians’ room, because we kinda had the whole floor to ourselves. But I don’t know.

I think we actually went to 2 clubs that night. I think the first one had $1 drinks for girls or something, so we went there to drink, and moved on to another club that offered all of us free entry. :D

With my favourite girls, all tipsy and hungry, in Subway.

Breakfast the next morning in Van Houtte. The boys were too slow so we went for breakfast ourselves.

Shit, I think this was the morning when we heard about Andrew and his seizure. He fell and injured his head, and we woke up to the ambulance bringing him to the hospital wtf. Poor Andrew missed a day in Montreal. But he was okay, thank goodness.

We missed the walking tour because they all left before we got back to the hotel. So we went on our own walking tour but following their path hahaha. And we actually managed to catch up with them (when the tour was going to end soon hahaha!). Although we didn’t really stop in any of their stops.

That’s Ogulcan walking in front of us. Poor guy had to wait for us slow girls hahaha. We bumped into him in Van Houtte, he was done eating but he waited for us too! ;) sweetest guy ever.

Some nice tree with lights that looked a lot better in real life than in pictures. I don’t know why I even bother uploading and posting this here. Now that it’s here, I’m just gonna leave this here.

Told you we managed to catch up with them! My proof is… Ferdi being a poser hahaha.

Gorgeous mall, I love it. I’m not sure if it’s even really a mall.

Loverboy talking on the phone with his girl. :D He tends to walk around while on the phone, like it’s his own house. He did this in the residence’s cafeteria too and we all took a picture and uploaded them haha.

Hahaha we took so many pictures here. This thingy makes sounds / music when the wind blows!

No idea what building this is. Not even sure this is part of the tour, we had free time to walk around / go shopping ourselves after the walking tour ended.

Montreal at night.

Some random building with these pictures projected on the building.

This night, we were separated into 2 different groups for 2 different parties hahaha, one for the club to see some DJ whose name I don’t remember, another one for some outdoor music festival I think. I preferred the first because… it was indoor and I wouldn’t have to freeze outdoor. Been there done that in New York when it wasn’t even that cold, don’t want to do it again in worse winter!

We had pre-drinks again, this time in some of the Brazilians’ room. Too many Brazilians, don’t even remember which one haha. We played some drinking game and I got so drunk that Ogulcan (who was also incredibly drunk) refused to let me go to the club hahaha. He felt guilty for making me drunk hahahahaha. Aww Ogulcan.

We were all supposed to go to the club, but Jo stayed drinking in the room with the Brazilians, and Ina and Sole went to a party of their friend’s instead, and Nico Santiago are not party people (except that I didn’t know at that point). So in the end it was just me and Ferdi going to the club wtf, with some other Brazilians and the CUEx people.

We paid like maybe $25 for the ticket because we bought them at the door wtf. It was so expensive but we were all already there. But that was a pretty great night anyway, music was good. I tried to enjoy as much as possible in the club considering I paid so much for it hahahaha. Too bad I sobered up when we got to the club wtf, the winter wind tends to sober me up.

And not even halfway through, Ferdi realized that he lost his coat check ticket wtf, and he was so worried that he could no longer enjoy it. He had to wait until everyone left the club to get his coat back, I stayed with him so that he wouldn’t have to be alone. Waiting alone sucks.

And when we were finally gonna leave, he talked to some guy who offered us a ride home, but ended up charging us money wtf, and bringing us to a gas station asking us to pay for his gas wtf. Okayyy…. They were speaking in French but even without translation I kinda got what was happening, so shady and creepy.

Now, the next morning, we heard about a Brazilian who was so pissed drunk that he pooped in front of someone else’s room HAHAHAHAHA. Crazy shit, pun unintended.

The last day, all we did was pack up and go to Biodome.

Group picture! This is part of the group that went to Biodome earlier because we already had breakfast haha.

I don’t even really remember what was in Biodome, except that they had different themes in different sections. This might’ve been rainforest or something like that hahaha.

With Pomeyyyy!

With Jo then Ina posing with the elephant ears thing. Apparently you’re supposed to be able to hear something when you put your head in between, but we heard nothing wtf.

Penguins :D I like penguins. The only thing I bothered posting here because.. I like penguins heh.

The girls making their mark on the chalkboard. They wrote one for the Preston Team but I don’t know where’s the picture haha.

We had like maybe 4 hours just in Biodome it was ridiculous. When we were done walking around we just sat in the cafe waiting for time to go home wtf.

I really need to go visit Montreal again.

5 months ago.

I’ve decided that my farewell (sorta) 5 months ago deserved a post here too, because I miss my friends so much. We are now 12 and 14 hours apart (an improvement from the previous 13 and 16 hours difference!).

I’m so behind on this that it’s only 7 more months until I see them again!

With Daniel. Had like withdrawal symptoms when I left because we were spending so much time together right before I left, then suddenly, nothing at all! Now I don’t even know if I’ll see him when I return to Malaysia. :(

Family photo! We rarely take any, but I like this one.

More BFFs. I didn’t expect to see them there! :’) I was looking around for Daniel and Dicsern since they came with me and went to park the car, then I randomly spotted them hahaha wtf. But thank goodness they came because I knew the guys were coming, and it’d be ALL boys without them and I don’t know what my dad would think haha.

With Dicsern (who said he doesn’t miss me! Well, fuck you too.) and Daniel. I don’t know why Daniel stood so.. distantly.

In the car on the way to the airport with them :’) They even had breakfast with my family hahahaha! Me and my two boyfriends wtf.

The pictures from Daniel’s DSLR turned out pretty blur and this was the clearest group picture wtf. Daniel’s DSLR was apparently too cool for anyone else to use. I don’t know where are the pictures of me with Jin and Teck Han. I’m pretty sure I took pictures with them. So sweet of them to come send me off too :’)

The night before, the legendary girls just randomly showed up at my house while I was packing! But my dad was in a bad mood and I wasn’t done packing (although all there was left to do was putting stuffs into the luggages wtf), so he basically scared them off. :( Sorry! The silver lining is.. now they believe me when I tell them my dad is scary wtf. Now they’re scared of him HAHAHA.

With Debbie who couldn’t make it to the airport the next day! I didn’t expect to see them at the airport because.. they surprised me the night before so I thought they wouldn’t be at the airport!

Few days before leaving I met up with some people to say goodbye too. :( Actually, I was incredibly busy preparing to leave but, those parts are boring.

With busybee Alex Kwok who I managed only to see once before leaving! No Abercrombie & Fitch for you HAHA.

Don’t remember why I went to Monash, but during my last visit there I took a picture with Dr. Yeoh too haha.

Then I went to say goodbye to Hot n’ Roll wtf. I’m kidding. It was a picture taken as a joke for my friend.

With Daniel who visited me when I was in the saloon wtf.

With Julie! She went back to Korea like maybe a week before I left for Canada! And I apparently had fever when this picture was taken wtf. I could barely eat half of what I ordered, so I packed it and brought it for Daniel wtf hahaha.

Kim and Aaron during Jo Yi’s birthday.

I managed to cram in preparing for Jo Yi’s birthday and inviting and talking a bunch of her friends, while I was busy preparing to leave! So proud :’) Ferdi nicknamed me Super Fi, I think he got that nickname right. :D

And Natalie, also during Jo Yi’s birthday haha. These weren’t farewell, but more like, the last time I saw them :(

I actually feel better after writing this wtf. It’s been 5 months since I last saw all of them! I miss them but seeing these pictures and remembering the memories make me feel happy haha.

I can already hear my exchange friends saying “ASIANSSSS!” if they’re reading this at all haha. You know you love Asians :P

Hobo life

I’ve never felt so homeless before. Like, really homeless, with no address to give, at least not in North America.

First, I got kicked out (it’s an exaggeration) of residence / dorm because everyone had to leave a day after their final exam. So me too, I had to leave by 25 April.

But I wasn’t leaving Ottawa or travelling anywhere yet, I was gonna leave around a week after! So, I had to look for a place to crash. Sole Ina and Joanna was awesome and agreed to let me stay with them. That was settled before I had to leave the residence, I’ll stay with them until I leave to my California road trip with Sole and Ina.

On the day I had to leave, I couldn’t make it in time to bring my luggages to their house, and no one was home anymore, so I had to leave my bags with Nico for a night, and I went to Mylène’s house and Alston’s house after. There, I got toooo drunk I ended up accidentally sleeping over in Alston’s house again haha.

The next day I had to make sure I could move all my bags to their house while they’re home. Everything was good.

But on the third day, their landlord came and saw 5 strangers – non-tenants – sleeping in his house, including me. He got so pissed that he made everyone leave the house.

That was when I felt extra homeless! I had to look for another place to stay until Friday because I didn’t want to get Sole into more trouble, especially since the landlord was so pissed he really might go to the house everyday to check. Also, I don’t ever want to see him again. And I was scared of him hahaha.

So, I had to find another place again! I ended up staying with Ferdi in Milad’s old room because the living room was under construction and too dusty for me to sleep there. But Milad’s room was totally empty, not even a mattress. Ferdi’s roommate was nice enough to lend me his extra mattress and that night I didn’t even have a blanket!

In the morning, Ferdi’s landlord came and saw me! Wtf, seriously. What is with me and landlords?! But he was nice enough to say I can stay for that night.

But then Ferdi was leaving on Wednesday, and me Friday. So I also needed another place to stay after Ferdi leaves! I was gonna stay in Ferdi’s house anyway, but the house was going to be empty, I think for construction or something, which means I couldn’t do that!!

So, I stayed with Aina after Ferdi left, for around two nights / one and a half night (had to leave to the airport at 4.30am). She stayed up with me until 4.30am :’) thanks Aina. Oh and their nice landlord (who apparently isn’t normally nice at all haha) even drove me to her place so I didn’t have to take a bus! Yay.

So, all these moving and uncertainties were in one week!

Now that I’m in California, hobo life continues man! I was Couchsurfing but I couldn’t stay there for my entire stay because my host, Diego, has another friend coming to visit so I could only stay for two nights. Seriously, I keep moving everywhere.

So I thought, okay, I’ll just move to the hostel. Now apparently I’ll just stay a night, go to Yosemite with Sole and Ina, and when we come back I’m gonna stay with their parents’ friend’s place.

I’ve been moving around so much it’s crazy! But at least I never had to sleep on the streets :D I really appreciate all these generous friends for hosting me, they’re the best.

Better late than never

I think it’s time to finally write about my exchange. I mean, the semester has ended, everyone (and I mean, EVERYONE.. except for the Brazilians, they never leave haha) has left, and I’m going on a California road trip, and the Canadian weather warm now haha, so I probably should somehow, immortalize this amazing experience. So the updates will probably span across.. a few posts, I guess. I don’t know.

And apparently my mom reads my blog, so hi mom.

My weekends basically start on Wednesdays here, sometimes Tuesdays if we decide to go to Junxion for Tequila Tuesdays. Otherwise, Wednesdays are pub nights where we exchange students would gather at the campus pub, Oliver’s (affectionately called Ollie’s hahaha!). Almost every Wednesdays anyway, and sometimes they have the pub night somewhere else. Thursdays are house parties at Alston’s. And Fridays are, well.. Fridays. Saturdays too. Sunday is rest day haha.

Now you know my weekly routine hahaha.

From the first ever Ollie’s, with Ferdi looking silly. I miss this French asshole who never replies me.

One of the many amazing pictures from Morgane’s camera. She has the best camera and is our unofficial photographer haha.

And this is probably my first picture of me and Nico! It’s blur but hey, I was tipsy, and walking.

My gosh, this may be our first time going out together. This was us trying Ottawa’s claim to fame, Beavertail. It really is just fancy, crazily sweetened pastry. Photo from Alphaeus, who prioritized the Beavertail sign picture over our group picture wtf.

Skating on the world’s largest / longest outdoor skating rink, Rideau Canal. Well, “skating.” Because this happened….

HAHA. Apparently the shoes didn’t fit me well, and my legs were hurting so bad. Apparently I could’ve easily twisted my ankle, so luckily, I didn’t! So that was the first, and the last time I skated on the canal this winter.

Here’s another picture of me looking like a little kid hahaha. I don’t know what Ferdi’s doing. Think he was just trying to photobomb haha.

Group picture! I would say that it’s already an achievement that I could stand for so many pictures, man. And also dragging my feet and the heavy shoes around.

In The Aulde Dubliner, one of our first nights out I think.

Beautiful sky and sunset.

Went with the exchange students to the bowling session, which turned out to be a mini version hahaha. I didn’t actually play though, not a fan of breaking my own fingernail. (one was already broken in the airport earlier! It was painful growing my nail out.)

CUEx Wednesday pub night Oliver's
Another Wednesday pub night in Ollie’s, and here I was eating the famous poutine (fries with gravy and cheese). I don’t know, I’m not that impressed by it.

With Ferdi and Nico for our first Thirsty Thursday in Ollie’s again. It’s like a weekly club night. We didn’t really dance that night and the music was pretty bad, but then the music turned good when we were gonna leave, so we went back to dance a little, and then when the music turned bad again we left hahaha.

With Morganeeee. <3


Rideau Canal. I went there again but not to skate, just waited for my friends to skate then dinner.

The dinner, where I had breakfast for dinner.

Skyped with Daniel and we took some odd crazy selfies hahaha. But I love these crazy selfies haha.

My pretty room with fairy lights. I needed night light haha but my room was tooo depressing so I really had to decorate it somehow to make it my 4-month long home, so fairy light instead (really it was Christmas lights, on sale).

Some things from home on my wall. I love the Christmas socks heh.

Crazy face paint in support of Carleton’s basketball team, Raven, even though we don’t even really know them, or even care about them for that matter. Haha. But it was really fun going there. It was really college/university sports team atmosphere and everyone was hyped. During the bus ride we were chanting “Fuck you, Ottawa U” and “One, we are the Ravens, two, a little bit louder, three, I still can’t hear you, four, more more more” and “what the fuck is Gee Gee” (that’s the Ottawa U team name). I love it.

The Canadian Tire Centre. I know, what a weird name for a stadium, right? I was seriously doubting that it was an actual stadium wtf. Can you feeeel the atmosphere from this picture? I am so glad I went.

Carleton University tunnels
Carleton University’s underground tunnel that connects every building. Since I lived on residence, I didn’t have to expose myself to the harsh winter outdoor at all if I’m only going to classes or the cafeteria. So it’s especially useful and amazing in the winter. The tunnel walls are all filled with uhm.. artworks like these haha. Tons of movie references and puns, especially Lord of the Rings.

Carleton University tunnels
I was surprised to see a Mean Girls-related one! So this is my favourite hahaha.

Kuala Lumpur

Pestle & Mortar reversed Kuala Lumpur

Should’ve bought one before coming to Canada. It would be wayyyy cooler to wear it outside of Malaysia, and Asia! And it’d be me being nationalistic too, for once. Kind of.

Pestle & Mortar Kuala Lumpur

Despite complaints of Malaysians saying that no one knows Malaysia, or Kuala Lumpur, that we exist, most people I’ve met here know about us! No, really, they know that we exist!

In fact, some of them are rather knowledgable about Malaysia. One of my friends has even been to KL before! He probably visited more places in Malaysia than I did..

Anyway, the more knowledgable ones like to tell me how beautiful Malaysia is, and they made me realize that Malaysia is indeed beautiful. Before this I didn’t even notice, her beauty is just constantly overshadowed by our political issues and our hatred for the political stuffs. Meeting foreigners who appreciate Malaysia’s beauty (and weather, everyone here loves summer and hot weather) made me love and appreciate Malaysia more. It’s ridiculous how I had to go to the other side of the world, and hear it from the foreigners’ points of view, to appreciate my own country.

So just for fun (and procrastination), I checked Pestle & Mortar’s international shipping cost. Wtf RM140 ($47) to ship to Canada! No way man. That’s crazy. I’m a broke student who still struggles to justify spending RM60 ($20) on a t-shirt hahaha.

Would’ve bought one before coming to Canada, too bad it is only now that I noticed how awesome it would be to wear that shirt in Canada (and United States)!

Right now, I’ll settle for wearing I ♥ New York T-shirt!

I love New York t shirt

Walking in the Winter Wonderland

More like a nightmare when it gets too cold. Like, super fucking cold, -26 Celsius, with -36 Celsius windchill. And that was the weather on my first day in Ottawa. Nonetheless, it is so beautiful, it really looks the part of winter wonderland. It just doesn’t feel like it when you’re walking, because you would be too busy shivering, and in my case, trying not to slip on ice or step on slushy wet melted snow.

So anyway, I’ve been here for almost 2 months now. I am still not immune to the cold. So many things have happened. Everything happens so fast that one week is a long time of not updating friends, yet time passes by so fast that you just want to slow it down and relax and enjoy and really appreciate everything.

And well, I’d like to think that I’ve been too busy enjoying life here to blog haha. But the truth is that (ahem), and because I’m too lazy. You know, why blog when you can sleep/watch tv/go out? I actually intended to write about my adventures here, in my mind I imagined posts after posts about my amazing adventures haha, but I just never got around to actually doing it.

Okay, here goes. This will just be about my first few days in Ottawa, where I was extremely Asian and took pictures of everything hahaha.

We stayed in The Business Inn and this is the view from our room! Also, just a side note, The Business Inn was great.

We actually arrived the night before I think. It was the coldest T_T We walked to a diner nearby on Elgin Street and holy shit I thought I was going to die. I was wondering how the heck does anyone go out and do anything at all in this weather. I thought that I would probably just stay in every day hahaha. THANKFULLY, the weather is not always that bad. It’s still cold, but more bearable than that night.

We walked to Rideau Centre in the morning and I had my first Tim Hortons! Hahaha. My dad had “Thai” food, that wasn’t authentic Thai and seemed more like Chinese food to me. Apparently it wasn’t even spicy :O

Confederation Square / park.

Rideau Canal, the world’s longest outdoor skating rink or something like that. You can see the Beavertails stall, which apparently is pretty damn famous, popular and good. I’ve tried it only once, it’s crazy sweet and unhealthy but it was good. My dad took these photos hahaha.

It got snowier!

Wtf Ottawa is such an old town, this looks like it could be taking in the 00’s or even 90’s.

Orientation hahaha. My dad asked me to send him pictures wtf, so I just took a random shot.

It was also the residence move-in day (my dad made me live on residence because it’ll be safer), so I brought a small bag to my room first and went back to the hotel that night haha.

Anyway, this is my incredibly small room. It looks slightly better now that I’ve done a little something to it. BUT I still really really dislike my room. It’s smaller AND colder than the other rooms, so cold that I had to buy a space heater. Which works really well, but gosh, it sometimes trips over the electricity so my power outlets and lights in my roommate’s room would go out. So. fucking. annoying. I also hate the old-ish furnitures, and the small closet. The other rooms get a wall space for that (sorta like an open wardrobe), I want that too!

After moving in and unpacking. What a mess hahaha. But at least it looks more home-y. I have done more things to it since then. You see the cardboards “standing” on some vent thing? That was what my dad taught me to do to try to get more of the heat (if any) directed to me.

The view from my room’s window. :3

So we went to an English pub for dinner that night, and I just felt like I HAD to order a drink, you know, since I was in an English pub! So.. I had my first alcoholic drink in 2014, with my dad. -_-

And of course, fish and chips hahaha.

Walmart! My dad took these! Only because I started taking photos inside too hahaha. I keep hearing about Walmart so it was pretty amusing to actually be in one and shopping there. For the first time anyway. Now I don’t care anymore.

WTF Canada. It’s actually quite creepy.

A huge lecture theatre HAHAHAHA.

Okay I’m done. I intended for this post to be like random pictures from my past 2 months but then when the other pictures didn’t really fit in this post. Oh well.

I haven’t been feeling homesick at all, so yay. I actually don’t really miss Malaysia, I miss New York City a lot more hahaha. I do miss my friends, but a lot of them are not in Malaysia anyway. :( And I miss Japanese food (and now fish and chips too) more than Malaysian food too. I think they mostly only have Japanese buffet restaurants, but the two I went didn’t have udon, or my favourite soft shell crabs! :( Have yet to try one restaurant with those, but I think they might be really expensive, sigh. Okay, so I miss Sushi Zanmai. And Auntie Anne’s or pretzels in general (but I satisfied that craving in Boston few days ago heh).